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What is a Biosphere?

We're all thinking it... What on earth is a biosphere reserve?! 🤷

Noosa is proof that we can live harmoniously within our environment. In 2007, UNESCO recognised Noosa as the first biosphere reserve in Queensland and with connecting Great Sandy Biosphere Reserve next door, we're the only two adjoining biosphere reserves in the world.

Noosa is shaped by its natural landscape, social history, cultural traditions and its political, social and economic activities. Biosphere reserves are learning sites and we use science and UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Program to guide our actions to live more sustainably and protect our beautiful land, marine areas and wildlife.

The Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation works with the community to help ensure our environment remains healthy and is here to enjoy for years to come. We are working together as a community to protect our koala habitat, pandanus trees, restore biodiversity in the Noosa River and educate our community and future generations.

It's how we bring people and nature together, that makes the perfect Biosphere Reserve. 🌿👫

Unwind, it's almost Biosphere time 🎣 (& we're so ready) 🙌  

The balanced way to get away. Enter the Noosa Biosphere Reserve! 🌿