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Top tips for discovering the Cooloola Farmers Trail

28 Apr 2021

The Noosa food scene is renowned for fresh, local produce and world-class chefs that bring it from the paddock to your plate... But the lesser-known secrets of farm gates, nurseries and producers is what the Cooloola Farmers Trail is all about and we take you for a wander through what to expect this August 7 and 8.

This self-drive trail is the perfect day out in the Noosa Country.

The first thing you should know about this cluster of producers in the Noosa region is they are recognised as a Slow Food community. They believe everyone has the right to good, clean and fair food and this slow food community is part of a bigger movement across the world making that happen. They believe we can contribute to changing the world, starting from the way food is produced and consumed.

Slow Food is a global, grassroots organisation with supporters in 150 countries around the world who are linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to their community and the environment. Slow Food Noosa launched the first Snail of Approval program in 2017 with the aim to inspire producers, chefs, restaurant owners and food outlets.

Kin Kin State School

Stop 1 - Kin Kin State School

Kin Kin State School is a Slow Food champion! As a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation school, they aim to provide students and the wider community with access to as much locally-sourced, ethically-produced, chemical-free food as possible.

Open Sunday 2nd May only.

Eat Drink and Be Kerry 10 Noosa Black coffee beans

Stop 2 - Noosa Black Coffee

Noosa Black is a family-run coffee plantation established in 2005 with around 5,500 Arabica varital trees and it's Noosa's only commercial coffee farm. This plantation is only open to the public a few days a year, so don't miss your chance to see what they do!

Head there for farm tours, roasted coffee sales, handicrafts and snacks.

Noosa day tours COOLOOLA BERRIES

Stop 3 - Cooloola Berries

Cooloola Berries is owned and operated by third-generation farmers Jason and Kim, who run this beautiful establishment complete with a cafe and shop stocking homewares, local produce and products. Strawberries are available from June to October and blueberries from December to January.

Enjoy self-guided tours, paella in the paddock from 11am-3pm, live entertainment and a licenced bar.

Cooloola Farmers Trail

Stop 4 - Purity Essential Oils

To tickle the sense of smell, head to Purity Essential Oils where Geoff and Zelda grow and distill their own native essential oils and super-foods on their lemon myrtle farm. The oils are certified organic, 100% pure and are included in their organic skin care products and homemade soaps.

Enjoy farm tours, tastings, herbal teas and soap-making demonstrations.

Cooloola Farmers Trail

Stop 5 - Lindols Macadamias

Established in 1998, Lindols Macadamias has more than 11,000 trees from which they produce a variety of macadamia products. Enjoy walking farm tours, tastings, home-baked cakes, slices and biscuits, farmers platter, stalls and entertainment.

Cooloola Farmers Trail

Stop 6 - Rossmount Nursery and Rural Retreat

Rossmount is an exotic fruit tree farm active in local sustainability initiatives including Mary River catchment water monitoring and Land for Wildlife. The nursery specialises in lychees, persimmons, figs and other trees to order.

On this stop, you'll enjoy grafting and propagation lessons, exotic fruit trees, platypus walk, produce and tasty treats including exotic fruit muffins.

To change the world, you have to change the menu first and this is the perfect foodie experience to help you start now!