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Explore your backyard

Mental Health & exercise are more important than ever, so join us "virtually" in re-discovering Noosa!

The World Health Organisation stated many years ago that “there is no health without mental health”. This is a statement that will resonate with every Australian as the COVID-19 disaster unfolds. The emotional impact of the pandemic is already profound and will evolve during the coming weeks and months into a second front in the health and socio-economic crisis facing our nation.

There are many ways we can stay positive and look after our health! Exercise is undeniably an important aspect and we are the luckiest of all to be in isolation here in the Noosa region! Whilst our Noosa National Park might be partially closed there are so many other wonderful ways to exercise in Noosa and now is your chance to get outdoors and explore. Pick a path or trail that you have not been on before, get some great podcasts lined up and get walking!

To best enjoy your daily, Nature check-in, Wellness wander or Social Distancing Exercise. We've made it easy for you to keep the "around the block" interesting with a variety of maps below.

Remember to stay connected, take a snap and share you walk with us using #VisitNoosa 🌿

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