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How to Support Noosa's Tourism Industry From Home

11 Aug 2021

In these times of great global uncertainty, tourism businesses have been left reeling. Here in Noosa, we want to support our local industry - they are a vital part of what makes our community so great, and we want them to be around once the pandemic is a thing of distant memory (imagine that).

We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to support the tourism industry from home.

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Pay it forward

If you’re able, consider purchasing a voucher that can be used when you next travel to Noosa. Many Noosa accommodation providers, restaurants, retail stores and adventure providers offer vouchers and gift certificates via their websites.

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Reschedule, rather than refund

If you’ve had to cancel a trip or two in recent times (who hasn’t!), you will be familiar with this debate. If you can, consider rescheduling or swapping your hotel or event booking for credits, rather than cancelling and requesting a refund. This helps businesses keep cash flowing and reduces the time spent on processing refunds.

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Support local

Instead of shopping online from large or international retailers, consider supporting a smaller local boutique. Many also offer online shopping, and you will be making a better community and environmental contribution!

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Holiday at home

Can’t travel? Take a staycation at home! With many hotels and holiday homes at low occupancy, consider snapping up a last-minute booking. You’ll get your holiday fix, save some cash and help out a local Noosa accommodation provider through this tricky time.

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Change your habits

While supermarkets have been busier than ever during the pandemic, local grocers and producers have been hit by constant shortages and restrictions. Consider changing your shopping patterns and frequenting local farmers markets and small grocers, as a way of supporting farmers and artisan producers.

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Support local artisans

Noosa is home to a vibrant community of local artists, photographers, ceramicists, and other artisans. Many sell their wares through their own online stores or Instagram accounts. Purchase artwork, photography, jewellery, or ceramics in place of being able to travel to your favourite holiday destination.

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Work from home, in Noosa

If a weekend getaway to Noosa is in your future, hooray! But also, consider extending your weekend with a mid-week work from home (in Noosa) trip. There are a range of co-working and flexible workspaces that can make this idea a reality, and lots of Noosa accommodation options to suit a longer stay. You might find you never want to leave! Check out our guide to working from Noosa.

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