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Fiona Tarr

Tourism Noosa Ltd Annual General Meeting 

28 October 2019

Director nomination – Category 1

Fiona Tarr


Adventure Sports Kitesurf Australia


I’ve been self-employed for nearly 30 years, across many industries including farming, manufacturing and now tourism and retail.

I moved to Noosa with my husband and two sons in 2007 and began working in the Noosa tourism industry with our current business Adventure Sports Kitesurf Australia.

Prior to that, I spent three years working in the community service sector where I obtained my Advanced Diploma of Community Development, specialising in Volunteer Management.

When I first moved to Noosa, I continued my community work with the Council-funded Street Reach program, however once our business began to grow, I had to resign this position.

I am a current member of the Tourism Noosa Backpack and Adventure Cluster Group and was a member of the Sustainability Group for approximately six months.

I have served as President and Treasurer on a number of P&C committees, most recently Sunshine Beach High School as Treasurer for nearly four years.


I have a business head and a socially and environmentally responsible heart. I know how difficult the balance can be at times and I’m sure I’m not the only small business owner to feel this way. I value Tourism Noosa’s commitment to helping businesses implement socially and environmentally responsible policies while being practical and sensitive to businesses’ bottom lines.

I value the input of all members and want to continue to grow the membership community, but also act as the conduit between the day-to-day running of a tourism business and the vision of a sustainable Noosa tourism industry.

I’ve enjoyed working with Tourism Noosa over the years and as my business commitments are lessening, I feel now is a great time to take on a voluntary role that has the opportunity to make a real difference.