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Tourism Noosa Board

Dan has been active in Noosa’s real estate and holiday letting industry for over 25 years, and has extensive experience within the tourism sector, being particularly involved with holiday letting services and working other tourism operators to promote their services and products to guests.

He is a big believer in promoting Noosa’s natural attributes and the region’s quality produce, supporting local business and families.

Dan’s pragmatic approach to business keeps him in touch with the challenges that small business people face, always with a view to discovering solutions they can easily use with the resources they have available.

He speaks to thousands of guests, sellers and buyers a year, gaining clear insight and feedback on what they love about their experience in Noosa – or what else they would like to see here.

Dan views this opportunity with the Tourism Noosa Board as a chance to further contribute to the local community and tourism industry, and assist in ensuring a bright sustainable future for the region.

Dan joined the Tourism Noosa Board in 2018.

Dan Neylan
Tourism Noosa Board Director; Managing Director Dowling Neylan Real Estate

Tourism Noosa Board