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Noosa Oceanrider is the original ‘Thrill Ride’ in Noosa and has been consistently voted the best. The company has evolved over its 18 years in operation to include the crowd-pleasing Dolphin Safaris and Whale Watching tours. An Oceanrider tour is a ‘must do’ on the list of ‘things to do in Noosa’ 

Located at the convenient Noosa Marina, come and enjoy the tour of your choice and take in the beautiful Noosa coast from a different perspective. We have a variety of transport and pickup option which can be viewed on our website.

A maximum of 12 passengers seated in six rows of two means that everyone gets a ‘window seat’ and a personalised experience that only a small group allows.

Our RIB boat is the same that the Navy, Coast Guard, and Water Police use which reflects its reliability and high safety standards. Your Captain Nathan has over 20 years boating and marine experience so you are in good hands.


Screaming and lots of laughing is mandatory. The sound of a few hundred horsepower behind you… The heart starts to beat a little faster as your driver opens up the throttle and points the nose towards the waves… The feeling of weightlessness as you get airborne… The feel of the wind in your hair and the salt spray in your face all adds up to one thing… Noosa’s original ‘Thrill Ride’!


Don’t miss the crowd-pleasing Dolphin Safari. The best time to view our intelligent and playful dolphin friends is early in the morning when sea conditions are calmest. This scenic tour takes it nice and easy around the coastal Headland section of Noosa National Park, allowing you to take in the spectacular scenery. Our mammal mates know Oceanrider well, allowing us to get up close and personal as they play, feed and socialise. 


One of Noosa’s most breathtaking experiences, there is nothing more magical than watching these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. Noosa's aquatic backyard plays host to the humpback whales during their annual migration every winter where you can watch them frolic and play while taking in stunning natural cliff formations, lush emerald forests, pristine little coves and sweeping beaches. 

The Oceanrider has been thrilling its passengers since it started way back in 2001. Noosa's most popular thrill boat ride takes you on an amazing journey around the world famous Noosa National's an absolute blast!Noosa Oceanrider takes you on an amazing journey around the Noosa National Park.... a place where pristine little coves and bays meld into the lush rainforest backdrop and towering cliffs plunge down to meet the sea. Your driver Nick is Australia's most experienced Ocean Thrill Boat Driver....climb aboard the military purpose 8.5m RIB Waverider...the same boat as used around the world in extreme applications such as the Navy, Special Forces, Coast Guard and Surf Rescue operations....FASTER, SMOOTHER, WILDER, SAFER! Make no mistake. This is THE BEST Ocean Jet Boat Thrill Ride in Australia. Serious speed, lots of "air" time, dolphins, whales and some of the most spectacular scenery on Australia's East coast. Climb'll be the ride of your life!

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