1. See & Do

Acres Noosa

Acres Noosa is a sanctuary for mind, body and home. In this unique open-air retail space, find a collection of businesses including a nursery and garden centre, homewares and furniture stores, cafe, yoga and wellness spaces.

A visit to Acres Noosa gets your day off to the right start. Refuel in the leafy green courtyard with a locally roasted coffee under the tree canopy at Forest Noosa Cafe & Bar. Take some time for a little self-care, with a trip to Noosa Skin Studio, or Zenko Yoga. Browse an edited selection of furniture, homewares and local art at The Alfresco Room, or shop for outdoor furniture at Daydream Leisure Furniture. Finish off your visit with a wander through Acres Garden Centre, with a wide range of plants, natives and decorative pots.

Acres Noosa - come and explore.

Why we love it

1. Find the best of Noosa, in one easy to access location

2. Refuel in the leafy green court yard with a locally roasted coffee

3. Wander through the lush garden centre, with spectacular plants, natives and decorative pots

4. Discover local art, handcrafted jewellery, unique furniture and pottery

5. Unwind and relax with Zenko Yoga