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Electric scooters - rideshare or private hire

Oggy Scooters - the only ride-share electric scooters from Noosa to Caloundra. Found at selected parking hubs and with a range of up to 60 kilometres, the custom made, high quality scooters are a safe, fun and environmentally conscious way to travel.

At a cost of 30 cents per minute you can get to your destination, then pause your ride for only 7c/min to eat, play or explore. No parking woes or traffic, and no emissions - just good, clean fun!

Run by a local family and with safety and the community always in mind, they don't operate at night, the speed limit of the scooters is set to 12km/hr automatically in congested areas, and only allow adults to have an oggy account.

Helmets are supplied, and customer support is available at all times. You simply download the app and enter your details, then ID checking takes place prior to your first ride. Once verified you can unlock up to four scooters at once in order to travel with your favourite people.

Why we love it

1. Explore the region with freedom

2. Avoid the stresses of driving

3. Sustainable, independent travel

4. Safe and fun alternative for of transport

5. Local family-run business