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Freedom III Whale Watch and Charters

Eco-Accredited Freedom Whale Watch cruises the western beaches of Fraser Island en route to Platypus Bay in search of the friendly Humpback Whales which visit Hervey Bay between July and October each year. Delicious morning tea is served while travelling north to the whale watch area.

Upon reaching the whale watch area, from 1/2 to one hour away from departure guests are encouraged to search for obvious whale behaviours such as tail-slapping, fin waving, breaching and the mist from the breath as the whale blows when it surfaces to breathe. Several pods of whales are usually encountered before lunch and can often be observed while eating the plated lunch of hot chicken wings, 2 cold meats, 3 salads and warm bread rolls.

Guests continue whale watching and possible hearing whale song on the hydrophone during the afternoon. Dolphins, turtles, sea birds and occasionally a dingo on the remote western Fraser Island beaches can also be observed. Fantastic photo opportunities are always plentiful.

Courtesy transfers from Hervey Bay accommodation is available but free parking is plentiful at the marina too. Low passenger numbers, maximum 46, on the 58 foot catamaran make for a comfortable and relaxing day tour.

Why we love it

1. A full day of discovering whales

2. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea included

3. Courtesy transfers from Hervey Bay Accommodation

4. Opportunity to see other wildlife like dolphins and turtles

5. Cruise between a number of beautiful islands