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Gaigungan Gallery

Owner and Artist, Peter Muraay Djeripi Mulcahy would love to invite you to visit and experience the deep and abiding stories that accompany each one of his Fine Art Creations. Muraay Djeripi is a Gamilaroi man, Cultural Teacher and Professional Artist. His works have been sold both nationally and internationally since 1995. Muraay Djeripi’s passion is infectious, at the core of all he paints, writes and speaks is a desire to reach his audience with knowledge gained from Elders and Spirit. Acknowledgements to Uncle Paddy Djerpi Warra Jerome (Joirwiara), Uncle Tom Rose (Yarrallawaay), Uncle Roy (Murraworii) and Aunty June Barker (Wirradjuri), Uncle Marshall Bell (Gamilaroi) and Uncle Paul Spearim (Gamilaoi).

“Muraay has spiritual connection with and understanding of the scenes he portrays throughout his art. Deep, meaningful, thought provoking and passionate are all words describing his artwork. Muraay is a master at his art of transcending boarders of race, creed and belief to explain the culture of the Aboriginal people. Always positive and loving, there is a message there for all.”( Bob Stainlay – Escape Gallery)

Feel free to come and share in their Ancient, let it bring to us all a deeper sense of knowing the uniqueness of being Australian. “We must remember how great we were, to ignite the flames of future greatness”©.

Why we love it

1. Be blown away with the diversity, colour and intriquite fine line creations and prints.

2. Gaiungan Gallery and Studio is an exciting up and close personal viewing experience.

3. Mu-raay Djeripi (sole artist/owner), also Cultural teacher and story teller of 30years

4. Share in the Heart felt telling of Ancient and relevant 100 mellenia, Stories of Australia.

5. Muraay Djeripi intriqute fine line creations have sold nationally/ internationally for over 25 years