Great Noosa Country Trail Walk


The Great Noosa Country Trail Walk - experience the Noosa Trail Network and the best of the Noosa hinterland!

The Great Noosa Country Trail Walk is a three-day guided walking experience, traversing the country towns of Cooroy, Kin Kin, Cooran and Pomona via a series of dedicated walking trails through farmlands, natural forests and spectacular lookouts of the hinterland through to the ocean.

Here, you walk at your own pace - the goal is to experience this gorgeous part of the world up close and personal!

The trail ensures you'll enjoy the landscape, local cafes and antique shops encountered on route, with knowledgeable trail guides along for the walk with you so you learn about your surrounds as you go.


October 2021

  • Saturday 2nd 7:00am — Monday 4th 4:00pm