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Hinterland Feijoas


If you have never seen or heard of a feijoa, you are in for a real treat. These small, sweet fruits are usually reserved for our Kiwi neighbours, but farming locals Sally and Peter have brought a little of this magical taste to Belli Park in the Noosa hinterland.

Aussies pronounce the fruit as ‘FAY-Jo-ahs’ but they originated in South America and this Latin word should really sound more like ‘f-JHO-as’ – said with a lovely husky voice, of course!

More importantly, they taste like amix of strawberries, pineapple and guavas, with undertones of quince, lemon and mint. Heaven!

You can taste the fruit fresh from Hinterland Feijoas’ farm gate during harvest season in March. They’re in the Noosa countryside, just outside Eumundi. During the harvest, Hinterland Feijoas are open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 3pm, when their retro food van Myrtle serves up gourmet delights made with fresh feijoas.

Spend a while at the farm, taking in the gorgeous hinterland views while enjoying organic teas, coffee, cakes and light meals. The kids can even play with the cute mini-goats and mini-ponies on the farm.

Spend some time in the gorgeous farm shop and gallery that sells yummy treats, gourmet products and unique gifts created by local artists, friends and family.

Throughout the year, you can pre-book an organic long lunch and farm tour at Hinterland Feijoas for groups of 10-30 people. So if you’re in the Noosa region in March, take a Noosa Country Drive or stay in the countryside and add Hinterland Feijoas to your day. Or get a group of family or friends together any other time and book a lunch and farm tour.

Why we love it

1. Friendly hinterland orchard that grows amazing fruit

2. Discover delicious feijoa treats – think strawberry/pineapple/guava

3. Australia’s first certified organic feijoa growers

4. Farm animals for the kids to pat

5. Buy fresh fruit from the farm gate in March