1. Stay

Kingfisher Bay Resort

Kingfisher Bay Resort is a four-star eco accommodation, immersed within the tree-covered dunes on World Heritage-listed K'gari (Fraser Island), encompassing 152 hotel rooms, 109 two and three-bedroom villas and a suite of 8 holiday houses. Spacious rooms reflect the coastal environment and optimise the idyllic weather, with wide balconies to enjoy the surrounding wallum and captivating birdsongs.

Conveniently located on the western side of Queensland's Fraser Island, Kingfisher Bay Resort has blended seamlessly with the surrounds, creating a nature base easy access to the island’s iconic sites. Swimming in the renowned Lake McKenzie, to cruising along 75 Mile Beach and exploring the ruins of the Maheno Shipwreck, with tours departing daily from the resort.

A dedicated, team of Resort Rangers run daily guided eco walks, talks and immersive, nature-based activities for guests, including canoe paddles through nearby mangrove and estuary systems, bush tucker tastings, night adventures to spot the island’s nocturnal species and Segway tours along the western beach.

The accredited team of Rangers have an immense passion and knowledge for the destination, with backgrounds in Animal Ecology, Marine Science and Australian Indigenous studies. They form a complimentary enrichment for each travellers’ experience, taking away a greater understanding and appreciation of the island’s remarkable flora, fauna and diverse landscapes.

Why we love it

1. Award-winning eco resort giving guests an immersive nature experience

2. Nestled amongst tree-covered dunes and wallum lagoons

3. Conveniently located on the western side of K’gari, Fraser Island

4. A range of accommodation to suit all travel types

5. Easily accessible to spectacular sight on island