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Massage and Wellbeing.com

Technology is a pretty impressive thing, right? In minutes you can order food to be delivered to your door, you can shop online and have it shipped off on its way and you can even book a doctor to stop in for a house call.

As if that wasn’t convenient enough, now you can even book a massage online and have them knocking on your door in no time. All without doing much more than moving your thumb. Massage and Wellbeing.com is kind of like the Uber for massage, and we love it!

Massage and Wellbeing.com presents a whole menu of massage and wellbeing treatment options online, along with a swag of past client reviews to help you make your decision. A few clicks and then you can sink back into your sun lounger, rest your head and count down the seconds until your therapist arrives.

It’s quick, it’s easy and it means you can get back to enjoying your Mai Tai.

Massage and Wellbeing.com offer in-home or apartment treatments, a massage clinic in Sunshine Beach, along with their bespoke clinic right on Noosa Main Beach, so no matter your preference, relaxation is only a few clicks away.

Why we love it

1. Mobile treatments so you don’t have to do a thing

2. Bespoke clinic on Noosa Main Beach

3. Massage clinic in Sunshine Beach

4. Book within minutes and get back to your Mai Tai

5. Go on, pamper yourself - you’ve earned it