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Mayan Villas

Mayan Luxe Villas offers bespoke, luxury accommodation

Sustainable luxury Mayan Luxe Villas is constructed with rammed earth from Mayan Farm. Increasingly seen in contemporary architecture, rammed earth is a sustainable building material due to its thermal mass, strength, durability and visual impressiveness. Consequently, Mayan Luxe Villas has a natural warmth and beauty that blends with the surrounding farmland and environment. Entertainer’s paradise Mayan Luxe Villas offers two separate suites with a central entertaining and dining pavilion. Outside there are three alfresco entertaining and dining areas in beautifully landscaped grounds, overlooking the plunge pool and surrounding farmland. A pizza oven and firepit add to the outside entertaining ambience – with farm firewood available! The property features recycled and milled timbers and railway sleepers from the original slab hut on Mayan Farm. With polished concrete floors throughout, the bespoke craftsmanship is evident in the unique fixtures and fittings.

Why we love it

1. Environmentally-friendly, sustainable Accommodation

2. Sweeping views of the surrounding farmland

3. Constructed from rammed earth and recycled timbers

4. Cool in summer and warm in winter

5. Located on the Noosa Trail Network