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Noosa Malibu Club

The Noosa Malibu Club was established in 1986 and has so much to be proud of. Their dynamic and growing membership has a worldwide reputation and frequently includes Regional, Australian and World champions. Their membership is representative of the general Noosa community, with Juniors and Women making up nearly half the total membership. There is a strong sense of camaraderie amongst members of the Club.

The clubs Mission is to respect the beach environment, community and surfing culture and enjoy the camaraderie of the surfing experience, the nurturing of their junior members and socialising together as friends.

The Club has conceived and developed very popular surfing competitions;

  • The Noosa Festival of Surfing has earned international recognition as the largest event of its type in the world and is in its 31st year.
  • The Wrecks & Relics competition caters for more mature members of the surfing fraternity, allowing them to continue meeting & competing with their peers.
  • The Noosa Logger event takes us back to surfing’s more traditional roots. The club has also given thousands of dollars to various charities and our community.

Why we love it

1. Represent the general Noosa community

2. Respectful of the beach environment, community and surfing culture

3. Nurturing and supportive environment

4. Known for the renowned Noosa Festival of Surfing

5. The club was established in 1986