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Noosa is home to a fast-evolving food scene that combines innovative restaurants, energetic bars, cool coffee haunts, waterfront eateries, a distillery and a raft of new craft breweries.

Freshest of local produce

Restaurants and cafes have easy access to some of Australia’s most celebrated and freshest local produce thanks to Noosa’s idyllic location between the sea and hinterland, providing a bounty of produce to use in daily menus.

Home to Australia’s first 'Snail of Approval' program

Home to Australia’s first 'Snail of Approval' program, Noosa's cafes and restaurants serve ‘good, clean and fair’ food. Slow Food Noosa's Snail of Approval program places Noosa firmly on the global foodie map as creators and champions of responsible food.

A choice of locations

Noosa’s restaurants and bars are in prime locations, providing stunning water, sunset and countryside views. For a lively atmosphere head to Noosa Junction, Sunshine Beach or the Noosa Industrial Estate. For nightlife, Noosa has everything from live local music, cocktail bars, cruisy bars to all night dancing.

Discover Noosa's trending plastic-free cafes, bars & carbon neutral breweries

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We all know that looking after our environment is fast becoming second nature. The good news is, Noosa is on its way to becoming one of Australia's most sustainable destinations with over 100 businesses championing Plastic Free Noosa's and Zero Emissions Noosa initiatives!

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