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  1. Score $40 Off with Skydive Noosa

Score $40 Off with Skydive Noosa

Take your team to new heights with Skydive Noosa

There’s no better way to bond as a team than to jump out of a perfectly good plane together, right? Tandem skydive memories last a lifetime! Give your team the ultimate bonding experience with an epic skydive adventure! Save $40 OFF on groups of 8 or more using code GROUP8.

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We don’t want to brag (ok, yes we do!) - we’ve been skydiving and it was the most fun we have ever had. Free-falling from 15,000 feet and reaching speeds of over 200km/h is the most adrenaline-packed adventure we can imagine.

When the parachute is pulled and you glide silently over the stunning coastline for over 5 minutes, it’s pure peacefulness. Who knew that facing your fears could be so unforgettably life changing! Skydive Australia’s expert instructors are with you at all times so you’ll feel safe. In fact, they’re so calm they can even film or photograph you as your face fights against the force of the rushing wind.

As you float back to Earth, take in the sweeping views from Maroochydore all the way to Caloundra and Noosa. What a unique way to view the natural beauty of our stunning coastline. You may even be lucky enough to sight some whales in the winter months!

You can jump alongside your mates, strapped safely to one of Skydive Australia’s trained and experienced team members. Transfers are available to pick you up and take you to Skydive Australia’s check-in office at the Sunshine Coast Airport. If you jump in winter, you can usually score a discounted rate. Now there’s no excuse not to jump out of a plane!


  1. Adrenaline-packed fun
  2. Free-fall from up to 15,000 feet
  3. A fun way to see the coastline (maybe even whales!)
  4. Guaranteed beach landing
  5. A mindful, transformational & unforgettable experience