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Green News 27 Sept 2019

New 10-year approval for Noosa Biosphere Reserve

UNESCO has given the Noosa Biosphere Reserve a new global 10-year tick of approval following a review that acknowledged the efforts to manage tourism as one of the many positive moves in the past 10 years.

Noosa Shire was designated a globally recognised Biosphere Reserve in 2007 by UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere program - Noosa was Queensland's first biosphere designation.

What is a Biosphere Reserve? It’s an area that shows a balanced relationship between nature and people. The World Network of Biosphere Reserves now recognises 701 reserves in 124 countries. Noosa and the neighbouring Great Sandy Biosphere Reserve are the world's only adjoining biosphere reserves.

The Advisory Committee that reviewed Noosa Biosphere Reserve status acknowledged the efforts to manage tourism, the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation’s initiatives across the restoration of fish in the river and work on koala populations, the Zero Emissions Noosa objective, and commended Noosa on its efforts to deal with feral animals that present major threats to biodiversity conservation.

Mayor Tony Wellington thanked everyone who has been involved in the Noosa Biosphere Reserve management and activities over the past 12 years.

Destination IQ supports Noosa’s Trees for Tourism

The Queensland Tourism Industry Council’s (QTIC) Destination IQ event has adopted Noosa’s Trees for Tourism initiative, helping improve the tourism industry’s environmental and sustainable outcomes.

QTIC Chief Executive Daniel Gschwind said $2 from everyone attending Destination IQ this year will be donated to Trees for Tourism, an environmental initiative from Tourism Noosa and Noosa and District Landcare that plants trees for walkers on the trail network, assists with erosion and improves the habitat for local wildlife species including koalas.

“The tourism industry is inherently reliant on our natural environment," Mr Gschwind said. "Through Trees for Tourism, the industry can give back and make a positive change to the environment we rely on. We can demonstrate our commitment to the protection of our natural environment and support a positive change initiative led by industry.”

Destination IQ is presented at part of the DestinationQ forum on the Sunshine Coast on Wednesday 6 November. It brings together business leaders, employers, government representatives, tourism organisations, native title holders and community organisations to discuss important issues, opportunities and strategies for supporting indigenous tourism growth and Indigenous employment across the state.

Click here for information and tickets.

Refresh Noosa inspires Statewide amenities research

Tourism Noosa and the Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) have partnered with the University of Queensland (UQ) on a research project looking at the use of single-use plastic mini amenities across Queensland's accommodation sector.

The project was inspired by Tourism Noosa’s new eco-friendly, refillable range of guest amenities that has been introduced as part of the Refresh Noosa program to eliminate the small, single-use plastic bottles that are generally found in resorts and apartments.

Partnering with the UQ Business School students Masters course, the project is looking at the use of single-use mini amenities across Queensland, the wastage associated with these and the opportunities for businesses to switch to more sustainable and cost-effective bulk refillable amenities.

Students interviewed Liam Kennedy from Culgoa Point Beach Resort who has already made the change to the Refresh Noosa bulk amenities, and Seahaven Noosa which will trial refillable guest amenities.

QTIC Chief Executive Daniel Gschwind said: “The project will provide some insight into the current quantity of single-use plastic guest amenities being disposed of in landfills, as well as alternative opportunities that we can provide to our members which will assist in moving towards more sustainable alternatives."

The report is expected to be finalised in October 2019.

More than 2 million single-use mini amenities bottles go to landfill every year in Noosa. Our Refresh Noosa amenities project aims to have resorts replace the mini bottles with larger refillable bottles, saving plastic waste and money. To find out more, please email [email protected]