Visit Noosa | New marketing campaign and co-operative opportunities

New marketing campaign and co-operative opportunities

Tourism Noosa will launch its marquee consumer campaign in February 2020. The timing of next year’s campaign will ensure we cover as much of Noosa’s low seasons as possible, to encourage visitation and help stabilise operators during the quietest months of the year – a key deliverable of TN’s strategy.

As part of the campaign’s community engagement, we are giving members the chance to submit any professional creative assets your business has to add as much depth to the campaign as possible. We will be producing a range of new content from around the region, however we also have the opportunity to include existing high-quality video/static creative for use during the campaign - this is a great opportunity for our members.

The campaign will also facilitate a suite of sharable content to be supplied to members for utilisation throughout the campaign.

Please contact Sonia Shillington, Head of Marketing, to register your interest:

Also look out soon for our new co-operative program with a range of digital, social and print opportunities for members.

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