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Green News #6

Fill up at new indigenous-designed water station in Hastings Street

Tourism Noosa in collaboration with Noosa Council and UnityWater has installed an ‘O Initiative Water Fountain’ outside the Hastings Street Visitor Information Centre, putting the spotlight on reducing plastic waste in our region.

The water fountain is a project of the O Initiative, a movement to change the way we drink water in public spaces with the goal to reduce the 1 million disposable plastic water bottles that end up in landfill, our rivers, waterways and oceans each year in Australia.

Local contemporary indigenous artist Bianca Beetson was commissioned to design and paint an original Noosa essence water theme on to the water fountain, celebrating Noosa’s indigenous heritage. The water fountain is already a great hit with visitors and locals in Hastings Street.

The artist says the pink lines represent the water and her matriarchal bloodline connections to country. The other colours represent the varied flora of the area, the map of Aboriginal Australia, and draw on the energy and vibe of summertime in Hastings Street.

Tourism Noosa's Juanita Bloomfield speaks at the Youth Tourism Conference.

Sharing Noosa’s sustainability initiatives

Tourism Noosa’s Juanita Bloomfield and Isa Grube attended the recent 2019 Youth Tourism Conference on the Gold Coast where the latest opportunities, trends and challenges in the adventure and youth market were discussed.

As one of the speakers at the conference, Juanita shared the journey of Noosa’s tourism industry towards becoming a sustainable tourism destination including current and past projects and their successes and challenges. The conference was organised by Adventure Queensland (AQ), the peak backpacking and independent travel industry body for Queensland.

Buy a burger and help Noosa's green projects

Grill’d Noosa will feature Trees for Tourism, Plastic Free Noosa and SevGen Indigenous Corporation as part of their Local Matters Jar community initiative in December, raising funds for the projects.

The Local Matters Jars are a fixture in all Grill’d restaurants - each month the jars promote three community groups for Grill'd customers to support. With every burger ordered, customers receive a Local Matters token to drop into the jar of their choice. At the end of the month, Grill'd splits $500 between the three groups ($300 for the project with the most tokens in their jar, and $100 for each of the other two).

When you visit Grill'd Noosa in Hastings Street, make sure to drop your token in one of the “Local Matters” jars.

Proposed single-use plastic ban after success of Plastic Free Noosa pilot

The Queensland Government is proposing to ban single-use plastics including plastic straws, cutlery, plates and stirrers. An analysis will be conducted to possibly later extend the ban to include coffee cups, plastic cups and heavy-weight shopping bags.

The Plastic Free Noosa initiative was a pilot project funded by the Queensland Government and its success has shown that it can be done. More than 200 Noosa businesses including restaurants and markets have signed up to the program, helping remove more than 3 million single-use plastic items from the waste stream.

Plastic Free Noosa has been supported by Tourism Noosa and Noosa Council since its launch and many of our members, particularly restaurants and markets, are now plastic-free champions!