What is the Leadership Program?

Tourism Noosa is offering its members a unique opportunity to be part of a heavily subsidised ‘Tourism Noosa Leadership Program’ secured through Building Better Regions Funding with the Federal Government. The program has been designed to provide 10 qualified members with an in-depth personal and professional development opportunity through coaching, mentoring and a ‘Best in Tourism’ road trip to provoke innovative thinking and grow inspiring tourism industry leaders.

This program is specifically for members who are serious about investing time, resources and commitment to improving their business for the long term and to work with other Tourism Noosa members through packaging. A specific set of criteria applies to determine the suitability of businesses for this opportunity.

The program is being delivered by consultants DR Tourism and will provide TEN suitable members with:


  • Two leadership workshops (Focus on Me and Focus on Team)
  • Packaging and Bundling group mentoring workshop


  • 1:1 coaching session focused on “between the ears” (headspace / personal and professional growth, developing a better leader)
  • 1:1 mentoring on Experience Development and Packaging and Bundling, focused on your business needs


  • 4-day roadshow to a ‘Best in Practice’ interstate tourism destination with synergies to Noosa and analyse what learnings could apply to your tourism business
  • Post road trip group mentoring workshop around Experience Development and packaging

Benefits to you and your business

  • Holistic overview of your business internally and changes to consider for external growth opportunities
  • Qualified business mentors to assist in incorporating positive changes to your business and how to package with complimentary products
  • Learnings from existing tourism business models and one on one tailored business assistance to create a pathway for success
  • You will be provided with a broad range of skills, tools and knowledge that can be implemented into your business
  • Grow your relationship network and helpful industry contacts
  • Ensure your business is structured to attract the continual growth of tourism visitation


What do we want to achieve?

The program has been developed to build resilient tourism industry leaders to ensure Noosa grows as a sustainable and competitive destination.

Participants will be guided through a learning pathway and armed with the tools, knowledge and confidence to make strategic, informed decisions and capitalise on growing levels of high yielding domestic and international visitation.

As tourist visitation grows across Noosa and the Sunshine Coast, this program will assist you in ensuring your business is set to attract and prosper from this profitable industry.

How to apply? Please complete the EOI form below.

The Program

Leadership Workshops (1 day each)

Workshop one - Focus on Me:

This initial workshop will explore your leadership style, levels of emotional intelligence, capacity to self-regulate and reduce your thinking biases, build resilience, increase motivational behaviour and inspire others through passion.

Business mentoring | Professional growth: One-on-one coaching session to help you explore your challenges, your strengths and your growth needs to become a better leader.

Workshop two – Focus on Team:

Create a positive and engaged workplace culture, understand team dynamics and achieve outcomes through people to make a difference and succeed in business.

Business mentoring | Team growth: One-on-one coaching session with an experienced executive / business coach to help explore challenges, strengths and growth needs to become a better leader.

Workshop three – Road trip debrief (half-day)

  • Key learnings and takeaways from the road trip
  • What is your story and what do you want to achieve for your business; what are your goals?
  • What are your unique selling points?
  • Who are your target markets?
  • How do you promote your products/experiences?

Workshop four - Packaging and Bundling (half-day)

  • Understand why we package tourism products and experiences and assists to develop some real packages that are suitable for domestic/international distribution.
  • Understand why we package tourism products and experiences;
  • How to meet the needs of the domestic/international traveller – the ease of packages;
  • Understand packaging options and benefits;
  • What should you be aiming to achieve through packaging?
  • Tools you would need to use;
  • Pricing your package
  • Effective means to promote and distribute packages.

Business mentoring: Packaging your product (2 x 1:1 sessions)

  • How your products and services are being positioned in the market, how effectively you are promoting existing packages and how effectively you have set pricing
  • ‘Tweaking’ and altering certain product offerings and packages to better suit key target markets being pursued
  • Ascertaining where your products/services fit with like competitors locally and further afield
  • How has pricing been set? i.e. Is it commissionable?
  • The 3 main packaging options – packaging your product, packaging with other compatible products, and packaging through distribution partners
  • Adding value versus discounting
  • The importance of the package name; and
  • The 4 main goals of packaging – economies of scale, greater volume of sales, increased visitor expenditure and increased length of stay; and Pricing and finalising the package.


Four-day roadshow to visit an interstate tourism destination that shares similar values and synergies to Noosa. You will experience industry leading tourism products and services, observe and identify their strengths, and identify opportunities that will inspire you to make positive changes and additions within your own businesses to enhance the overall experience that your customers already enjoy.

All program participants will be provided with a field visit workbook as part of the program, and the participants will be accompanied by an experienced tourism professional and a staff member from Tourism Noosa.


  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Ground transfers
  • Activities and experiences
  • Meals where specified (participants will be required to cover the cost of some meals)

Tourism Noosa Leadership Program - EOI