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Special Holiday Offer

Special Holiday Offers are featured throughout the Plan your trip and Offers tabs along with appearing on the members individual detail page under Mentions.

These deals are offered per month and can be changed each month if required. These listings provide an opportunity for businesses to promote a special offer or discount which may be seen by all users who visit the Website. The Special Offers will have a direct link to YOUR own website.

Your deal description can have up to 75 words including your deal and terms and conditions. As the amount of content which can be displayed in your trending offer is limited, it is recommended that when users click on your ad, they arrive at a specific page on your website containing further details on the offer.

To confirm your agreement to the costs and conditions, please fill out the booking form below. We will contact soon about the information provided for your offer.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss further please contact Membership Manager Cathy Mitchell on 0417 152 199

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Trending Offers

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