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Sustainability in travel – big and small ideas at Travel Daze conference

The recent Travel Daze conference in Sydney was an inspiring day of news, ideas, projects and where-to-next? for sustainable travel. Tourism Noosa attended the event and heard about some of the big and small steps that individuals and businesses can take to create positive change in making travel more sustainable for communities at home and around the world.

There was news about these and other great green initiatives happening in the industry:

  • Refillable bulk dispensers (Tourism Noosa’s Refresh Amenities project is all about this!)
  • Ending animal cruelty in tourism
  • Social enterprise projects such as a women’s bike mechanic program in Tanzania
  • Fuel-efficient stoves that are reducing deforestation, carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution
  • Suitcases made of recycled plastic drink bottles … and ...
  • Recycled toilet paper.

There’s also a UN-backed project, The Lion’s Share which sees advertisers who use animals in their ads donate 0.5% of their ad spend to fund wildlife conservation, habitat restoration and animal welfare projects.

Genuine collaboration and communication between the travel industry and local communities to create social, environmental and economic benefit, along with a positive visitor experience, was a recurring theme.

See highlights from keynote speakers Dr Bob Brown and Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia.

See information about some of Tourism Noosa's own sustainability initiatives and find out how you can help make a positive impact on Noosa's environment.


Costa Georgiadis at Travel Daze: Live the little things.

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