Win a 6 Night Adventure to Noosa

Journey to renewal - mind, body & planet

Step into the serene surroundings of Noosa, where clear blue skies meet golden sand beaches, and embark on a transformational journey to renewal, of not only the mind and body, but also the planet and natural environment. Nestled in the stunning Noosa Biosphere Reserve, Noosa beckons mindful travellers as the ideal sanctuary for a holistic holiday, where you can navigate the pathways to self-discovery, mindful practices, and sustainable living, against the breathtaking backdrop of Noosa’s pristine landscapes.

Beyond the promise of personal renewal, Noosa’s collective push towards a more sustainable future means there are many ways to delve into the region’s sustainable travel and regenerative travel initiatives that are doing their part to protect Noosa’s stunning natural assets for generations to come, and ensuring tourism leaves a positive footprint. Let the gentle waves of Noosa guide you on a balanced and harmonious journey through the region, on this journey to renewal in a destination that not only renews the spirit, but also treads lightly on the planet. The journey begins now!

Farmers Markets

The vibrant tapestry of the thriving Noosa community is never more evident than at the burgeoning array of farmers markets that are dotted throughout the Noosa Villages. These markets, brimming with fresh, locally grown, and sourced produce, offer a feast for the senses and serve as a melting pot of local culture, a sanctuary for conscious living, and an ideal meeting point for the local community. Wander through the stalls laden with colourful fruits and crisp vegies, artisanal delights, and handmade arts and crafts, and know that your purchases help support a healthier and more mindful way of life, while boosting local farmers and sustainability in the community. Some of our favourites include the Noosa Farmer’s Market, which pops up each Sunday morning and is filled with locally grown organic and spray-free produce, gourmet foods, artisanal goods, farm-grown flowers, locally-raised meats, and locally caught seafood. There’s also a host of food trucks and coffee vans to choose from, and often some live music and kids activities to enjoy while you enjoy a leisurely breakfast under the eucalyptus trees. The hinterland villages are teeming with thriving farmers markets; don’t miss the Kin Kin Creations Market, which brims with local arts and crafts and fresh farm produce, while the Pomona Country Markets occupies the town’s central parkland each Saturday morning and is a welcoming selection of farm produce, crystals and oils, arts and crafts, and native plants. If you’re after a full treat for the senses, the region’s best-known market, The Original Eumundi Markets, pops up in the town’s central corridor each Wednesday and Saturday and offers just about every type of goodie under the sun.

The Original eumundi market

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Mayan Luxe Villas

Tucked away quietly in the hinterland town of Kin Kin, Mayan Luxe Villas is an idyllic haven for those seeking holistic renewal of the mind, body, and planet. Surrounded by the uninterrupted rolling green hills of the neighbouring farmlands, you’ll find an unparalleled retreat that seamlessly blends luxury and sustainability at Mayan Luxe Villas. The villas are made almost entirely of locally sourced materials; the site provided the clay for the villa’s stunning rammed earth walls, and the reclaimed railway sleepers that feature throughout the property were salvaged from the property’s original slab hut. Other environmentally conscious decisions are evident throughout the architectural design, from the concrete floors to the locally milled natural timbers, while the exterior design includes a plunge pool, outdoor tubs for bathing under the stars, native landscaped gardens, and a fire pit and pizza oven situated in the outdoor alfresco area. Rent one villa or take over the whole property and get ready to slip into deep relaxation.

Mayan Luxe Villas Kin Kin

The Black Ant

A beacon of sustainable food practices and farm-to-table eating sits unassumingly in the quaint main street of the country town of Kin Kin. There are a few lovely gems to explore around this tiny hinterland town that make it well worth the 30-minute drive from Noosa, but the stand-out foodie experience that awaits at The Black Ant is an absolute must. With its rustic charm and commitment to locally grown and sourced organic produce, this foodie destination is a real haven for environmentally conscious gourmet lovers. Here, the ethos is on supporting the local community, including local farmers, growers, and gourmet producers, and providing a welcoming destination with delicious food. The restaurant came under new ownership in 2023, and big changes are in the works, including a woodfired pizza restaurant, a full-service bakery, an expanded outdoor seating area, a full breakfast menu and a deli-style lunch offering. Stop by for a coffee and pastry, or meal and a glass of wine, in the calming farm surrounds, and fill your basket with locally baked goodies to take to your next destination.

Kin Kin General Store and Black Ant Gourmet