Exploring the Cooloola Great Walk: Adventure in Noosa's Wilderness with Zorali

An unforgettable 102 km hiking journey, tracing the path from Noosa's north shore to Rainbow Beach! Picture walking on sandy trails that transition into earthy paths, treating you to breathtaking panoramas of Noosa, Lake Cootharaba, and the Everglades.

The sounds of birds along the trail make every step feel like a natural melody. While the terrain isn't overly strenuous, the sheer distance is where you’ll be challenged, especially during the exposed 30-40 km stretch post-Everglades, where the relentless sun and barren terrain become a mental game. Yet during the journey, there are plenty of moments that make it all worth it! The sweeping views from Teewah's hills, the dash across the Cooloola sand patch, and the calm of the Everglades' waters are so rewarding to experience.

Be prepared, carry abundant water, and embrace the tranquillity of remoteness. While originally intended for riding, hiking, and camping offer a chance for personal exploration, solitude, and a test of inner strength against the challenges of the trail.

Terrain: Half sand, half dirt, with various landscapes offering different challenges.

Views: Breathtaking panoramas of Noosa, Noosa North Shore, Lake Cootharaba, Double Island Point, Cooloola National Park, the Everglades, waterholes, sand patches, and Lake Poon.

Wildlife: Abundant bird life along the trail.

Difficulty: Considered hard due to the distance, but the walking itself is relatively easy.

Most Challenging Section: The 30-40 km stretch of bare flat terrain after leaving the Everglades might be challenging and intense under the sun. A bit of a mental game, though all part of the adventure.

Favourite Parts: The 40 km section after Teewah to the Everglades stands out, especially the views from the hills and the Cooloola sand patch. The opportunity to cool off in the Everglades adds to its appeal.

Helpful Tips:

  • There are a couple of safety fire trails that you should map out before going. You do feel like you're in the middle of nowhere on this trail, so it's best to have an exit plan if needed. The fire trails lead to the beach where you can wave down a car.
  • There’s no reception along most of the trail, so just be mindful of the distance to avoid underestimating it, and you can never have too much water!
  • We rode the trail due to limited time, but from what I’ve heard from people doing it, the distance does catch a lot of people out, so don’t underestimate it!