DIY wellness retreats in Noosa

A calming haven for relaxation and well-being, Noosa might just be the ideal destination to check out of the day-to-day grind and get back in balance! From the pristine sandy beaches to the intense greens of the bordering National Park, fall in love with the seamless combination of natural beauty, high-grade living, and holistic wellness experiences to nourish the body, mind, and soul. We show you the best ways to switch off, recharge, and learn how to thrive in Noosa!

City Cave Noosa

A state of utter calm and relaxation is only as far away as Noosaville, where City Cave Noosa’s floatation therapies and wellness experiences calm tired bodies and muscles, and ease overactive minds. 400 kilograms of Epson salts fill the two-person floatation pool, while calming music sets the scene for a deeply relaxing experience. You can also book an infrared sauna session, which promises to purify the body, and improve circulation and detoxification, and finish up your visit with a massage, with options from remedial, deep-tissue, and pregnancy-friendly to choose from.

Find a comprehensive guide to Noosa Day Spas and therapies here.

Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort

The spa at Noosa Springs follows the European philosophy of aqua therapy, and the ancient practice of thermal bathing, in their impressive Romanesque baths and water therapy rooms. If the bathing ritual sounds like your idea of relaxation, select the Thermal Suite Experience, with hot and cold aqua therapies, which cleanse the skin and promote the elimination of toxins, and the hydromassage pool - said to aid in muscle relaxation and improve circulation. You can add on to your treatment with an infrared sauna, a trip to the steam room, floatation pool, blitz shower, or thermal capsule, or select from the extensive spa menu of massage, body, and skin therapies.

Noosa Beach Yoga

Noosa mornings don’t get much better than this, with open-air yoga sessions on the waterfront tucked away peacefully at the end of Hastings St in the Noosa Woods. Holistically trained yoga teachers take you through a slow, mindful morning flow to wake up your body and mind and get you aligned for the day ahead. You can also request a private or small group class to your holiday accommodation, or location of your choice.

Downward Dog Hot Yoga

This boutique yoga studio in the village of Tewantin is set peacefully on the Noosa Marina, against the backdrop of the lapping Noosa River. Here, you’ll find modern classes inspired by traditional yoga methods, including hot yoga, Bikram, hot Pilates and Barre, candlelit yin yoga, and a kids' yoga session held weekly during school holidays. The emphasis is on the connection of the mind, body, and breath through conscious movement, and the studio boasts an array of experienced and dedicated instructors to welcome you to the mat and help get you back in balance.

Massage & Wellbeing

There’s no shortage of fabulous massage options in Noosa (as you might expect), with plenty of holistic therapies and holiday-friendly treatments at your fingertips. To browse a selection (including heavenly beachfront massage on Noosa Main Beach), and book directly with massage operators, try the Massage & Wellbeing booking platform, which connects you with local operators and mobile massage therapists.

StretchLab Noosa

If you thought stretching was just something of a post-exercise afterthought, you need to get to know the team at StretchLab. From their brand-new Noosaville studio, they’ll show you the varied health benefits of assisted stretching and a dedicated stretch program, like alleviating muscle tension and improving flexibility (obviously), but also promoting overall well-being, reducing stress, improving posture, and optimizing the body’s performance.

Balance Noosa

Practice true self-care and bring wellness and pampering to your own location, without having to set foot outside! Balance Noosa offers mobile wellness packages including massage, beauty therapies, and private yoga, fully tailored and customized to your needs, anywhere in the Noosa region.

Alsahwa Retreat

Alsahwa is a unique wellness offering, nestled deep in the tranquil Noosa hinterland, which draws inspiration from the ancient Arabic expression meaning ‘The Awakening’. The eco-wellness retreat is also a working farm, and helps guests find balance through a combination of ancient and modern modalities, blending spirituality and science. Although in the conception phase and not yet offering full-scale retreats, you can experience a range of wellness experiences at Alsahwa, including hands-on sessions to learn the art of beekeeping, and breath, fire, and ice sessions to introduce you to the fundamentals of breathwork, while a wellness hub featuring infrared saunas and contrast therapies is currently in the works.

Health in Perspective at Alaya Verde

Surrounded entirely by thick rainforest on a 40-hectare private property in the Noosa Hinterland, find incredible, tailored retreats, focusing on the health principles of Body Harmony at Alaya Verde. Leave your daily routines behind, and instead gift yourself the time and space to decompress, slow down, and recover, while getting back in tune with your natural rhythms and embracing the philosophy of Body Harmony, which includes releasing long-held tensions from the body, accelerating physical and emotional healing, improving communication and relationships, and breathing with greater ease. The luxury property offers secluded accommodation and delicious meals, and retreats cater to just three sets of guests. There is an annual month-long retreat or get in touch to discuss tailored retreats throughout the year.