Noosa's most Instagrammable eats


Join us on a journey around Noosa's paradise and dissolve yourself in a Noosa feed, whilst also updating your insta-feed. Talk about multitasking!

Jump in! It's time to get those tummies rumbling...



Happy Pops Noosa, located near to Bistro C and found behind Copenhagen is a place that sells summer happiness on a stick. They have premium gelato pops that use the finest locally sourced ingredient and a large variety of colours and flavours! They even encourage you to create your own, just the way you like it!

If you're not in the mood for ice cream on a stick, they also offer gourmet waffles and brownies, both served on a stick with the optional soft serve and slushies. This is definitely the place to add a pop of colour to your Instagram feed.

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If you're looking for something relaxing and stylish, Bistro C has a bit of everything. When you walk in, you get to take in the view of Noosa's Laguna Bay over breakfast, lunch or dinner. The menu is inspired by the amazing local produce that the region has to offer.

If you want a colourful, bright-looking dish to add to your newsfeed or you want to show off your fancy new outfit and fresh-looking cocktail with a view of Noosa beach in the background, Bistro C has just that.

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Café Le Monde has been greeting early risers from their morning surf since '86. Their famed coffees and delicious breakfast treats make your morning go from average to amazing!

If getting up early isn't your thing, they also do plenty of live music gigs whilst serving tasty food at fair prices to locals and visitors alike. Their menus derive from local produce, creatively integrating classics with a slightly more inventive tone. They have free-range, grass-fed food, and source organically when at all possible. If you're into a healthy lifestyle or you just love a good feed, this is one of the best spots to get that Instagram pic you've been dreaming up!

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Miss Moneypenny's is another stylish venue that has a beautiful relaxed atmosphere that's dimly lit with a focus on social dining that offers a diverse range of cocktails, alongside globally influenced modern Mediterranean cuisine.

They also run private functions, including formal and informal functions, weddings, corporate events, and cocktail classes - the perfect setting for keeping that Instagram feed classy and interesting.

Just picture it, you and your friends all dressed up, looking great and feeling relaxed in a venue that provides some of the best facilities Noosa has to offer!

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Vanilla food would have to be one of the holy grails of Instagram foods. With an emphasis on food, health, and the environment, they embrace the power of food as a medicine and it's ability to bring people closer together. The bonus? It doesn't just look great, it tastes great AND it's good for you! Does it get much better? Trick question, it does. Vanilla foods care deeply about the environment and due to this, recycle, compost and try their best to minimise their use of single-use plastics.

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Pucca is a modern coastal Indian restaurant and boutique gin cocktail bar. They source the best ingredients they can find locally using artisan producers to provide an original take on southern coastal Indian Cuisine.

Neale, Born in India and bred in Australia provides a unique take on Indian cuisine. By following his father's love for food, he has brought together a team that is unified with integrity, passion, and professionalism for service and unique hospitality experiences.

With this team, you're basically guaranteed to have a meal served up that provides the perfect Instagram picture for your news feed!

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With a decent 12k followers on Instagram, Lightyears is a place that provides some incredibly worthy Instagram food. Their menu is designed to be shared so it's a great excuse to catch up with some good friends and even get a sneaky pic with them too!

If you get the chance, this is definitely the place to be.

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Paradise Arcade is a fun, Cali - Mexican inspired restaurant and cocktail bar.

They pride themselves on providing the best casual dining experience, with fantastic food, over 130 agave products, an extensive beer list and of course, the best margaritas.

If you want a young and hip kind of atmosphere for your news feed, this place definitely provides just that. The food looks amazing, it tastes great, and there's plenty of it!

If you do pop in, make sure to check out the roof of the place, you'll probably be impressed with their use of the space. Hint: It could also help with that awesome new Instagram picture that you're planning out!

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Sum Yung Guys have designed the space and food to highlight their passion for Asian cuisine and culture. The menu is crafted to be shared with good company, so it's probably a good idea to select a couple from each section and enjoy each individual taste and texture. That way, you can also stock up on some Instagram pictures for future use if work gets in the way for a while and going out to get a bite to eat isn't an option.

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Embassy XO offers two beautiful spaces. The gorgeous dining room boasts majestic red and orange Chinese lights, dark furnishings and striking red highlights, creating a moody ambiance that could be perfect for your Instagram.

The cuisine provides a mixture of China and South East Asia and is expertly balanced in flavours, textures and fantastic spices.

Embassy’s dinner menu is a delectable delight, offering a number of banquet options incorporating a selection of entrees, mains, sides, and desserts. If you're feeling fancy, the restaurant also offers a delicious $49 three-course XO Night Menu (everyone is welcome) every Wednesday and Thursday evening which includes a premium wine or beer. The perfect way to grab some extra pics if you're a little behind on your Instagram posts.

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Don't want to break the bank for your Instagram feed? The Surf Club Restaurant offers a range of tempting meals crafted from fresh ingredients and local produce at an affordable price.

Relax out on the deck and take in the fresh salty air with a beautiful Ocean View, there is no better place to enjoy great service, delicious meals, and refreshing beverages. If you keep a close eye, you can sometimes see whales at the right time of year as well! If you want to get some pictures on the beach whilst you're there, beach access is right next to the surf club. Now that's productivity!

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Rickys River Bar and Restaurant encapsulates the Noosa lifestyle. Their stunning waterfront location on Noosa River offers uninterrupted views, gorgeous sunsets and a stylish setting for a relaxed lunch or romantic dinner.

The River Bar is a space where you can unwind after a full day of exploring Noosa. They even have a private jetty which means you could arrive via ferry or gondola which would just create an absolutely epic Instagram feed. Ricky's menu includes a six-course tasting menu that can match with wines to complement the food. If you love to pull up in style, you dress fancy and you want your Instagram to look the same, this is the place for you!

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Depot serves some of the best barista made freshly ground coffee in Noosa as well an All-day menu breakfast and lunch from 6am - 2:30pm and are open 7 days a week.

Depot eats for a purpose with food that is clean. They have Gluten-free, Vegan and Vegetarian options that are super delicious! Depot is a great place for those Instagrammers that care about their health and want to show the world that it's possible to eat delicious food that's healthy for you as well!

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Now, this place is a must go! Noosa boathouse has three levels which include Bistro, Bar & Events destination. First, if you're looking for an Instagram picture with a great background view, Noosa Boathouse has panoramic water and sunset views. Second, The modern Australian menu has some absolutely delicious options with some great wines to match.

Here's a fun little tip from a local, as you walk onto the boardwalk that enters into the restaurant, look into the water. If you're lucky, you should see a swarm of bream fish waiting for someone to accidentally drop a chip.

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Peregian Pantry is a beautiful, family-friendly deli that specialises in platters and gourmet food. They make the most heavenly gelato you can imagine and it's all made on-site daily using locally sourced fresh ingredients.

If you want to really show off your Insta game, this place can definitely help. The shop itself is lovely and the gelato and coffee compliment it perfectly. Definitely worth the visit!

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Raw Energy is another great option if you want to add some colour to your news feed. This is Australia's healthy cafe, serving up smoothies, Juice, acai bowls, sweet snacks and more!

Raw Energy also offers to round up the price of your food and will donate the difference to Clean Up Australia!

Clean Up Australia is an Australian not-for-profit environmental conservation organisation that addresses the environmental issues of waste, water and climate change.

Delicious food for a good cause that looks great on your Instagram! Is there more you could love about this place?

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Pomona Distilling Co is a locally owned, small-batch distillery, bistro & bar nestled at the foothills of Pomona's Mt Cooroora. Located in the heart of the Noosa hinterland, they use ingredients that are locally sourced where possible to support the growth of the community.

Pomona Distillery has some beautiful scenery with some awesome drinks to match your relaxing evening. If you want to add some flavour to your Instagram game, Pomona Distillery is guaranteed to make a drink you won't forget!

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