The Smart Biosphere of Noosa with EarthTech's Anthony Moorhouse

Becoming ‘stewards of our planet’ is the mission that Anthony Moorhouse, a Noosa local, co-founder of EarthTech Ventures and Board Advisor to the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation, is dedicated to advancing.

In this exclusive Q&A, we delve into the insights of Anthony’s work in sustainable innovation and what a ‘smart biosphere’ means for people who live, work and visit the Noosa Shire.

Anthony explains by leveraging technology, we can enhance environmental conservation, promote sustainable development, and create a harmonious balance between human activities and the ecosystems they inhabit.

Q&A with Anthony Moorhouse

Co-founder of EarthTech Ventures and Board Advisor to the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation

Q: What is special about living and working in a biosphere reserve?

A: For me and my family, living in a biosphere reserve is a reminder of the fragility of the natural ecosystems that we live, work and play in. Finding a symbiotic relationship between people and nature does not happen by accident. Quite the opposite in fact. It is only through strategic management, indigenous wisdom and a conscious effort by our community and the visitors, who fuel much of our local economy, that a symbiotic relationship between people and nature can be possible.

Q: Can you explain what it means to enable a ‘smart biosphere’?

A: For me, a smart biosphere embraces and promotes sustainable innovation to create ‘green jobs’ and opportunities for the community in such a way that supports strong economic development, with minimal environmental footprint. Examples of this are the many green tech companies that call Noosa home, such as Provectus Algae, Love Too and Noosa Habitat who are able to use Noosa’s reputation as a wonderful place to live to attract the best talent to our region and employ locals in high growth sectors of the economy that work to improve our local and global environment.

Q: What impact does a ‘smart biosphere’ have on people who live, work and visit the Noosa region?

A: I often reflect on the similarities between Noosa and Boulder in Colorado. Both are stunningly beautiful places. Both have strong environmental protections, which have been hard fought for over generations and both have a global reputation for innovation. Noosa and Boulder are both able to attract the best talent and companies, between them they offer an opportunity for people to work on impactful projects while living and playing amongst nature.

Q: What’s the best example you’ve seen in sustainable innovation this year?

A: I think Provectus Algae is Noosa’s greatest example to date of a globally significant green economy success story. We should all be proud that Provectus chooses to base its headquarters, research and development and manufacturing hub, in Noosa. Provectus Algae uses light technology to grow algae which, amongst many things, can help reduce the methane produced by cows by over 90 per cent.

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