Tips for De-Stressing with Ikatan Spa

Our lovely friends at Ikatan Balinese Day Spa have shared some insightful tips on how to de-stress in these new and challenging times. Read on and challenge yourself to practice these tips in this new wave of life.

Choose what you watch and listen to selectively

If it stresses you out listening, watching or reading the news, limit it or don't do it. Let someone else keep you informed about what you need to know, without all the other information that you don't need to know. Your stress levels are more important than the news.

Control what you can in your life

Review your budget, compromise where you can, realise that you don't need as much as you think you do. Everyone can make changes somewhere, somehow to ease the stress at present.

Ask for help

Friends, family, neighbours, landlord, your bank are all part of your life and community and if you don't ask for help they may not know that you need it.

Let your mind escape

Get lost in reading, craft, writing, cooking or creative activities. Playing with and teaching kids is rewarding or spending time, if you can, with others in your family or friends. Set up an online meetup, they are more social than you think. Music is a great way to escape no matter what you are doing, play some feel-good tunes that remind you of happy times.

Eat well, drink healthy, don't overeat

When your body is under stress, unwell or recovering we generally don't want to eat as much as we would normally. Your body's energy is needed for repair, recovery, and immunity and we generally don't do the physical activity when we are unwell, therefore we don't require the food intake.
If you are not doing a lot of physical activity it's important to look after your health by doing some exercise at home and there are plenty of online exercise options to follow. Keeping up fluids is important for our immunity and there are so many flavoursome drinks to help you de-stress. Herbal teas, hot or cold are the perfect drink to help with stress and there are some great tea blends on the market that offer stress relief.

Find some time to rest your mind

Not sleep or sitting in front of TV but a time to be still and not think. A quiet cup of tea before the rest of the house wakes up, meditation with some headphones or taking a relaxing aromatherapy shower.

Get outside

Most of all, keep moving your body any way you can, on your balcony or verandah, in the garden, walking on the beach if you still can, with 1.5m social distancing as we still can in Noosa at present. Go to a park with social distancing and don't let anyone pat your dog or you will have to wash the dog when you get home. If you enjoy gardening, it is one of the best therapies for stress. It really is grounding for you and research now shows the scientific facts and benefits of connecting with nature really helps to lower stress levels.
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