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Take a day trip to Lady Elliot Island, a remote coral cay on the southern-most tip of the Great Barrier Reef! Famous for its unspoilt coral reef, amazing marine life including turtles, nesting birds and majestic manta rays, you can explore this natural wonder in a day or stay overnight before you head back to Noosa!

Experience the wonders of the incredible Great Barrier Reef and combine your Noosa holiday with a trip to the hidden gem of Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort. Noosa is a gateway to this Natural Wonder of the World, and you can be there in just 3 hours - you don't need to travel too far away to touch the Great Barrier Reef!

Images Courtesy of Tourism & Events Queensland

Why we love it

Situated within a highly protected Green Zone, the island is a sanctuary for more than 1200 species of marine life. You’ll experience a genuine ecotourism holiday at this award-winning, nature-based resort that has the environment and sustainability at its heart.

Getting there

Flights depart to the island from Hervey Bay (just a 3-hour drive from Noosa), Bundaberg and Brisbane for day tours or overnight accommodation.

Things to do

Walk from the beach and straight into the crystal-clear waters that surround the resort. Snorkel (safe for beginners) and dive among the coral reefs and friendly turtles, brilliant fish, majestic manta rays and humpback whales (from June to October). You can even hear the whales sing underwater!

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Don't Miss This

Go on reef and nature walks (there are no roads or cars), see turtles nesting and hatching, and spot a wonderful array of sea birds that call this island paradise home.

A coral cay located at the southern tip of the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef.

This is Lady Elliot Island


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