El Capitano

"Old World Pizzas & Cocktails for New Age Sailors” - water, organic flour, salt, that’s it!

El Capitano pizzas are made using certified organic, fresh milled flour; filtered water; sea salt and a 72-hour fermentation process. The slow, natural leavening gives the dough its unique flavour and makes the crumb slightly chewy, slightly crunchy and slightly sweet.

This “old world” method results in the breaking down of acetic and phytic acid in the grain, making El Capitano's sourdough pizza better for digestion.

All dishes including gluten-free and vegan pizzas are made in El Capitano's kitchen - not others.

Ingredients are fresh and locally sourced, with growers from the Noosa Farmers Market featuring heavily on the menu.

The salumi and mozzarella selections are all Australian-made, using premium Australian ingredients.

The drinks list features natural, organic and skin contact wines (with minimal intervention), craft beers, bespoke spirits and an original cocktail list with all tinctures made in-house to create a truly one-of-a-kind “El Capitano” experience.

The room’s eclectic design will captivate your imagination and enlighten your senses while you wait for your pizza.

Live acoustic artists feature every Wednesday night which provides the perfect backdrop to this quirky space that has become an iconic Noosa dining experience.

Why we love it:

  1. One of Hastings Street’s favourite pizza spots!
  2. 72-hour fermentation process
  3. Live music on Wednesdays
  4. Dine in or take-away with El Capitano's Sunset Special
  5. Locally sourced growers