Freediving Sunshine Coast

Freediving is about exploring the underwater world, and exploring your inner world - and Freediving Sunshine Coast will help you explore both.

The Sunshine Coast has some of the best diving sites in the world including the Ex-HMAS Brisbane warship which is full of amazing sea life and is now an artificial reef that supports this eco-system.

Freediving Sunshine Coast will also introduce you to the Pressure Project which is all about mental strength, mental health and having fun all while completing your full PADI Freediving certification.

Included in the course with Freediving Sunshine Coast are:

  • PADI materials
  • PADI certification.
  • PADI touch e-learning
  • Pool entry and session
  • Breath workshop/mindfulness
  • Theory session
  • Boat charter to the HMAS Brisbane wreck or reef site
  • Double dive on day 2
  • Free photo package edited with professional underwater set-up
  • Access to free pool training post-course

If you would like to learn a new skill that is fun but also prepares you for the pressures of life, this is the adventure for you!

Why we love it

  1. Explore the Ex-HMAS Brisbane 133m warship
  2. Explore your inner power and strength unlocked in this course
  3. Explore the wildlife that comes with the ocean experience
  4. Explore the power of your breath and learn how to breathe effectively
  5. Explore the power of the meditation world