K’gari Fraser Island Adventures

K’gari Fraser Island Adventures, previously known as Drop Bear Adventures and the Beachcamp Eco Retreat combine a fun-filled adventure tours, accommodation and 4WD hire with style and luxury. This multi award-winning tour company will show you the very best of K’gari Fraser Island, a World Heritage-listed destination.

Noosa is at the gateway to K’gari, the world’s largest sand island and you can experience its natural wonders, knowing there’s a luxury bed to come back to. You also getting the added bonus of seeing Double Island Point and the Rainbow Beach Coloured sands when you start and finish your adventure in Noosa.

Swim in the island’s famous freshwater lakes and creeks, 4WD your way along the kilometres of sand and explore the stunning untouched wilderness and local wildlife, including Wangari (dingoes) that call this place home.

You get so much more than just a tour when you travel with the K’gari Fraser Island Adventures team. You’ll experience the rich culture and history of K’gari, see the beauty and feel its worldly importance.

K’gari Fraser Island Adventures offer multi day tours and 4WD hire to the island as well as Glamping, Camping and Beach Cabin accommodation.

K’gari Fraser Island Adventures is a boutique tour company that pride themselves on tailoring each experience for their guests. With a variety of tours that are suitable for ages these guys offer the most diverse range of experiences than any Fraser Island tour company.

Why we love it

  1. Explore the world’s largest sand island in 4WD style
  2. Star gazing on the World Heritage-listed Fraser Island is phenomenal
  3. Tailored experiences
  4. Culturally sensitive and environmentally sustainable
  5. Fun-loving and friendly team

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