Leskes Jewellers

Welcome to Leskes Jewellers - a world of enchantment and elegance, where jewellery becomes more than just an accessory ... it transforms into a reflection of your unique story.

Leskes are the custom jewellers you don’t want to miss, and dropping in to see them is always a treat.

Nestled in the heart of the Sunshine Coast in Peregian Beach Village, Leskes Jewellers is more than a jewellery store - it's an oasis of passion and creativity. And at the helm of this sparkling ship is Sandra, a visionary with a distinctive take on jewellery. Her journey into the world of jewellery is as unique as the pieces she creates.

Having taken on a small store 12 years ago in Port Fairy, Victoria, she has created something much more than a shop - she has created a timeless and unforgettable experience that will have you telling it at the dinner table.

Leskes Jewellers specialises in custom designs, remodels, unique engagement rings, fine jewellery and repairs. When you come in to see them, it is like visiting a friend with an incredible jewellery collection. Leskes Jewellers aim to make every experience as personal and as unique as you.

The Leskes experience doesn't conclude when you walk out the door. It's just the start of a lifelong partnership. Sandra and the team are here to celebrate your joys, to commemorate your milestones, and to make every special moment an occasion.

Your story begins here, at Leskes, where your imagination meets the beauty of bespoke jewellery. It is your personal invitation to experience magic all day every day.

They can't wait to meet you in store soon.

Why we love it:

  1. Beautiful bespoke jewellery, specialising in wedding and engagement rings
  2. Complimentary consultation available in person or online
  3. Specialising in custom designs, remodelling, Argyle pink diamonds and fine jewellery
  4. Valuations, repairs and custom designs also available
  5. Their experts work with you to ensure you'll love the design as much as they do