Power Plate Studio Noosa

Power Plate Studio Noosa offers vibrational personal training, nutrition advice, weight loss management, muscle rehabilitation and results. Power Plate training is fun, fast and effective - it's why they say Power Plate Studio Noosa is the fastest way to fitness.

The Power Plate system is a specialised and advanced form of physical training that utilises whole body vibration and muscle stimulation to achieve desirable health and fitness results. It is used for a speedy result in weight loss and fitness, targets a range of medical conditions and complications, and aids in recovery times.

60-minute Power Plate training sessions are equivalent to three weight lifting sessions, without the level of fatigue and soreness one might feel after weight training. There is no lactic acid build-up during a Power Plate workout, enabling you to withstand the exercise for an extended amount of time.

Vibration training is low impact and gentle, enabling anyone regardless of their age or fitness levels to benefit without putting strain on joints or other parts of the body. Training stimulates the mind, improves concentration and contributes to an overall feeling of fitness, helping to eliminate the effects of stress.

The vibrations send a message to your brain, which then causes your muscles to contract involuntarily - it does the work for you, similar to a reflex test.

On the lowest setting of 30 vibrations per second and if you are holding a pose for a minimum of 30 seconds, like the squat, it will simulate 900 squats done in that time.

Not only will you be having a great workout, but 95-100% of your muscle fibres are engaged and being recruited, whereas normally you would use only around 30%.

Introductory sessions at Power Plate Studio Noosa are for 45 minutes and are free - this includes a fitness assessment and a teaser on the Power Plates.

Why we love it

  1. Weight loss, increased metabolism and increased muscular strength
  2. Improved cardiovascular function and circulation
  3. Fast muscle toning and reduces appearance of cellulite
  4. Improves collagen production and increases bone density
  5. Fastest way to fitness