Noosa River & Canal Cruises

Whether you’ve got a passion for wildlife, an appreciation for architecturally designed homes or you simply have a passion for enjoying wine as the sun sets (hands up!), you are going to love Noosa River and Canal Cruises.

Wind your way through the picturesque local waterways, getting glimpses of the aquatic locals who call the region home, along with the luxurious waterfront properties that dot the shoreline. Noosa River & Canal Cruises' pontoon-style vessel provides the perfect opportunity for cruising in shallow waters, taking you close to the nature reserves and curved sandbars of the beautiful Noosa River.

With BYO daytime and sunset cruises on offer, we can’t think of a better way to see both sides of this stunning region, and if you haven’t guessed it already - Noosa puts on one mighty fine sunset.

The Noosa River is iconic and known around the world for its picturesque beauty and this is your chance to immerse yourself in it, glide along at a leisurely pace, and admire all the sights and sounds along the way. Entertaining skippers are sure to keep you well-informed on Noosa’s history and local landmarks.

Owners Santiya and Angela are passionate locals and love showing off this slice of heaven to people, whether they’re visiting the region or call Noosa home - they’ll even take you out to the river entrance to explore where the Noosa River meets Laguna Bay.

Whether you’re a boatie from way back or just enjoy trying something new, you’re going to love Noosa River and Canal Cruises.

They're also available for private charter, for all occasions.

Why we love it

  1. The best way to take in a Noosa sunset
  2. Explore the stunning Noosa River from a unique perspective
  3. Cruise the canals and admire the luxurious homes
  4. Catch a glimpse of the local wildlife and nature reserves
  5. Be entertained with a light-hearted commentary
  6. Lunchtime or sunset cruises - BYO food and beverages welcome!

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