TreeTop Challenge Sunshine Coast

Get ready to push your fears to the limit and get your adrenaline racing at the TreeTop Challenge Sunshine Coast Adventure Park. It's a thrilling day surrounded by nature as you tackle 100 challenges and 12 exhilarating ziplines that sit more than 25m above the ground - in the tree tops.

Whether you choose to conquer personal goals, take on a friendly challenge, join your work colleagues in a team session or just want to have a whole lot of fun, the TreeTop Challenge is an adventure you won't forget. And you get to soak in stunning rainforest views, scents and sounds from the rainforest canopy.

The TreeTop Challenge is fully supervised and is a self-paced adventure tour, so you can complete each circuit at your own speed. Your experience starts on the first two easy courses which are designed for everyone in the family.

The third and fourth courses step it up a notch with huge ziplines, ninja games, stunning heights and opportunities to really face your fears at every turn.

If you're ready, the final two black circuits are the highest and most thrilling high ropes courses in Australia that will really push you beyond your comfort zone.

You don't have to have amazing abs to complete the courses, but some fitness is required, and you choose which levels you complete. It takes about 30-45 minutes to complete a circuit, and 3-4 hours to complete the entire park.

The safety equipment is highest grade and you're attached to wires at all times.

Why we love it

  1. Australia's highest adventure course
  2. 100 challenges - from easy to heart-pumping extreme
  3. Suspended in beautiful Sunshine Coast rainforest
  4. 12 flying foxes and ziplines - one is 120m long!
  5. 6 courses - from easy to Black Diamond extreme