Embarking on a Sustainable Adventure: “Where-We-Roam Encourages Mindful Exploration of Noosa

22 DECEMBER 2023

Embarking on a Sustainable Adventure: “Where-We-Roam Encourages Mindful Exploration of Noosa

Tourism Noosa is excited to unveil its latest campaign, "Where-We-Roam," an initiative aimed at showcasing the lesser-known facets of this picturesque region, inspiring responsible travel, and fostering a deep connection with nature. This unique campaign comes as a response to the increasing need for travellers to explore responsibly, ensuring the preservation of Noosa's natural beauty for future generations.

Brent Chong, Head of Marketing for Tourism Noosa said "Our campaign is not so much about attracting more visitors to Noosa; it's about fostering a mindset of responsible and mindful exploration for visitors who are currently in the region. We have leveraged cross-industry data partners to be able to target confirmed travellers into the region as well as those that have shown strong indications to book across the summer period.”

"Where-We-Roam" is designed with several key objectives in mind:

  1. Visitor Dispersal: Encourage visitors to explore the lesser-known areas of Noosa, dispersing the tourism footprint across the region.
  1. Responsible Travel: Educate and inspire travellers to adopt responsible travel practices, minimising their impact on the environment and local communities.
  1. Economic Benefit: Drive economic benefit to Noosa's lesser-explored areas, supporting local businesses and communities.
  1. Tourism Resilience: Build resilience in Noosa's tourism sector by promoting sustainable practices and ensuring the long-term viability of the region as a premier travel destination.

Fiona Berkin, Chair of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation: “As a UNESCO-designated biosphere reserve and having been recognised for achieving a notable balance between people and nature, we're excited to partner on this Where-We-Roam campaign. It's important that anyone who lives, works and visits the Noosa Biosphere® has the opportunity to learn and understand what a biosphere reserve is, and how to tread lightly while here. This campaign aims to promote responsible tourism, which is an important element of the UNESCO sustainable development goals."

At the heart of this initiative is the goal of inspiring ‘travel for good’. Rather than merely attracting more visitors to the region, "Where-We-Roam" aims to educate, inspire, and influence travellers who are already in the region or have shown strong online interest in visiting Noosa during the summer period. By encouraging responsible travel practices, the campaign seeks to minimise the environmental impact of tourism while maximising the positive contributions to the local community.

"Where-We-Roam" will also feature an adventurous unveiling of Noosa, presenting it as an alluring haven for those seeking a different, more authentic travel experience. This campaign invites travellers to step off the beaten path and discover hidden gems, emphasising that there is more to Noosa than meets the eye.

The third pillar of the campaign is centred around fostering a deep connection with nature. Noosa's pristine landscapes and biodiversity are the focus of efforts to engage travellers in sustainable and meaningful ways, encouraging them to become stewards of the environment. Through various activities and experiences, "Where-We-Roam" aims to create a sense of responsibility and appreciation for the natural wonders of Noosa.

Sharon Raguse, CEO of Tourism Noosa said "Where-We-Roam is not just a campaign; it's a commitment to the sustainable future of Noosa. We want travellers to discover the hidden gems of our region while embracing the responsibility that comes with exploring such a unique environment."

To bring the "Where-We-Roam" campaign to life, Tourism Noosa has partnered with key collaborators who share a commitment to sustainable travel:

  • Zorali: A sustainable outdoor apparel brand that aligns with the campaign's values and encourages travellers to explore responsibly.
  • Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation: A local organisation dedicated to the conservation and sustainable development of the Noosa Biosphere, contributing valuable insights and expertise to the campaign.
  • CamperMate: An app that connects travellers with nature-friendly experiences across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Young Eco-Warriors of Noosa: The campaign amplifies the voices of Noosa's young eco-warriors, who share their wishes for responsible and mindful travellers visiting Noosa. Their insights serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of preserving Noosa's natural treasures for future generations.

Cameron and Elise Greenwood, Owners of Zorali said "Zorali is proud to be a part of Where-We-Roam, encouraging travellers to explore the outdoors responsibly. We believe in the transformative power of nature and are excited to contribute to the preservation of Noosa's natural beauty."

"Where-We-Roam" is a call to action for mindful exploration, responsible travel, and a deep connection with nature. Tourism Noosa invites all travellers to join this transformative journey, discovering the hidden treasures of Noosa while leaving a positive impact on the environment and local communities. Together, we can ensure that Noosa remains a haven for generations to come.

About Tourism Noosa

Tourism Noosa is the official destination management organisation for the Noosa region, dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism and preserving the natural beauty and unique experiences that make Noosa a premier travel destination.