JULY 2024

International visitors spent a record $113.3Million in Noosa in the year ending March 2024, surpassing the record-breaking figures from pre-COVID 2020.

They also stayed a record 1.1Million nights, a 30% increase on pre-COVID, increasing their average length of stay from 5.4 nights to almost 8 nights.

Figures released by Tourism Research Australia (TRA) show New Zealand was Noosa’s highest spending international market, with a record of $29.4m.

Tourism Noosa CEO Sharon Raguse said that the international results revealed a continued increase in international visitor expenditure, with international visitors staying longer and spending more.

“The UK which is a major focus for our global activity, has been the stand-out international market. Their spend almost doubled from pre-COVID to a record $29Million and their nights to a record 328,000. Our global activity encourages visitors to stay longer and experience more of Noosa – UK visitors increased their length of stay by almost 3 nights”.

“While international visitor numbers of 145,000 are around 10% shy on pre-COVID, their strong spending continues to be an important contributor to Noosa's economy”.

“Domestic visitation is also positive with overnight visitor spend of $1.18Billion being the second highest on record for the year ending March and 21% higher than pre-COVID, bringing our total overnight visitor spend (domestic + international) to $1.3Billion”.

“Domestic nights also increased, bringing the average stay to 4.2 nights, up from 3.9 last year and 4.1 pre-COVID”.

“Interstate visitors out-stay Queensland holiday makers by an average of 6.3 nights compared to 2.7, and spend an average 84% more per person, $1697 versus $924 for Queenslanders. Importantly this reflects Tourism Noosa’s consistent interstate marketing approach and our focus on encouraging our higher value interstate guests to stay just a little longer.”

Reflecting a trend for the State, interstate visitor numbers to Noosa (401,000) have softened to almost 5% below last year's figure. The drive market from Brisbane and the Gold Coast have also softened.

“Tourism Noosa has been vigorously promoting in top international markets for several years and international visitors represent about 13% of total overnight visitors to Noosa. The recent TRA reporting international visitor spending and visits showcases the success of this consistent and targeted approach”.

"This is wonderful news for Noosa, with the rippling effect of this spending benefiting widely across the region. The added financial boost to our economy helps maintain existing local jobs and support new ones," said Ms Raguse.



• Year ending March 2020 is used as Pre-COVID comparison as it included only a few weeks of lockdowns/border closures (April 2019-March 2020).

• No international data available for 2023, due to low reporting numbers.

• Source: Tourism Research Australia International and National Visitor Surveys, year ending March 2024.


For media enquiries contact: Susan Ewington – Tourism Noosa Communications Manager 0412 692 961 or