Our funding program

Aims and objectives of the event support program

Tourism Noosa acknowledges that events can positively impact the regional economy and strengthen both the business and local community; we are committed to building a strong events calendar to encourage off-peak visitation and enable geographic dispersal.

The objectives of the Tourism Noosa Event Sponsorship Program are as follows:

  1. Generate local economic, environmental, and social value in the Noosa region.
  2. Attract visitors to drive interstate and international visitation to the destination.
  3. Enhance the profile, appeal, and visitation to the Noosa region's village communities.


While event funding applications are now closed for the 2024-25 season, please read the Event Guidelines & Funding Assessment Criteria below in preparation for the next round of funding. Applications for 2025-26 will open in October 2024 (date to be advised).


Any event sponsored by Tourism Noosa must:

  1. Take place wholly within the Noosa region.
  2. Satisfy the regulatory requirements of existing COVID-19 safe event regulations, where applicable and relevant to the individual event, as determined by local, state and federal levels of government.
  3. All applicants should be a member of or willing to become a member of Tourism Noosa.


The value of support offered by Tourism Noosa will be determined according to the events ability to satisfy the specific Event Funding Assessment Criteria outlined below. Event Sponsorship may comprise either/and/or cash and a non-cash marketing contribution.

Event Funding Assessment Criteria

Covid safety

Event organisers can successfully satisfy the relevant national, state and local government regulations associated with staging a COVID-safe event at the proposed time and obtain the appropriate permits, approvals and insurances.


Event will target high-value travellers (participants and/or spectators), preferably from interstate and overseas, as border restrictions ease.

Events staged over two or more days that encourage overnight stays will be deemed more favourable.

Elements of the event have the potential to encourage geographic dispersal of visitors.


Event planning will include collaboration with the TN sustainability team to set and achieve agreed sustainability goals. These will be based on TN's Sustainable Event Criteria, which aims to lift event sustainability standards.

Marketing and brand alignment

Event is attractive to Noosa's target markets.

Event is aligned with Noosa's brand values.

There is suitable marketing lead time before the event.

A detailed marketing plan is provided to TN before the event.

Event organiser can provide TN with suitable event imagery and videos that showcase Noosa and the event.

Capacity to deliver

Event organiser has a proven record of staging successful events of the same nature.

Event organiser can provide on request relevant data on previously staged events as proof of capacity to deliver on criteria.

Event organiser will consider using local suppliers where possible.

Sound fiscal management

Event provides an accurate, detailed, forecasted event budget for the proposed event.

Sponsorship application provides a clear implementation plan.


Event has systems in place to record data such as visitor numbers, visitor spend, and sustainability measures required for post-event reporting as part of the sponsorship agreement.

Event agrees to share with TN, in confidence, any relevant data collected on visitation and visitor spend that may aid TN in strategic objectives and forward planning.

Events we fund