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Noosa Integrated Catchment Association

In Noosa we take the protection of our natural assets in the region seriously. Our waterways continue to shine as Queensland’s healthiest, and are loved by our locals and visitors alike and the fact that the Noosa River Catchment consistently achieves A-B ratings in the Healthy Land & Water Annual Report Card, has not come about by chance.

Noosa Integrated Catchment Association (NICA) is a not-for-profit, natural resource management organisation that works with the community to protect the natural environment and achieve a sustainable future for everyone.

Their Mission is to foster responsible land and water management in the Noosa River Catchment, resulting in a clean and healthy river system. More than a community group or an environmental organisation, NICA seeks long term solutions to problems in the catchment by fostering a shared understanding between the interested parties. Want to find out how you can help NICA conserve and enhance the beauty of Noosa? Click here

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