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Noosa Biosphere

Noosa was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2007 and the biosphere recognition was reconfirmed in 2018. But what is a biosphere?

The definition of a biosphere, is an internationally designated and protected area that demonstrates a balanced relationship between people and nature.

There are 669 biosphere reserves in 120 countries. Noosa is one of only two in Queensland, along with the neighbouring Great Sandy Biosphere Reserve - they are the only two adjoining Biosphere Reserves in the world.

The Noosa community has a long and proud history of nurturing the region's environment that is rich in natural beauty, biodiversity in native animal and plant species, and cultural heritage - the very definition of a biosphere!

Noosa's strong record of a community that works together to create harmony between people and nature, a commitment to low-rise development and protecting large tracts of land are some of the reasons for the Noosa Biosphere Reserve declaration.


Some Biosphere facts

  • 35% of Noosa's land is protected
  • 44% of all Australian bird species are found in Noosa
  • Noosa is home to 1365 species of plants and 711 species of native fauna
  • 60 distinct ecosystems can be found in Noosa

You can help us protect the unique Noosa Biosphere Reserve on your visit to Noosa. Want to find out how? Click here.


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