Plastic Free Noosa Introduces Enhanced Membership Criteria to Accelerate Sustainability Goals


Plastic Free Noosa, a leading environmental initiative dedicated to reducing plastic waste in the Noosa region, is proud to announce the launch of its enhanced membership criteria.

The criteria mark a significant step forward in the organisation's mission to promote sustainable practices and inspire local businesses and community members to actively contribute to a plastic-free future in Noosa.

Plastic Free Noosa Program Coordinator Jen Sharpe said Plastic Free July is a great time of year to start establishing new sustainable and regenerative habits.

“Plastic Free Noosa's initiatives are crucial in tackling the global plastic pollution crisis at a local level. By empowering businesses and individuals to adopt sustainable practices, we can contribute to preserving Noosa's natural beauty, protecting marine life, and promoting a circular economy”.

“Through collaboration and collective action, we aim to create a lasting impact on the environment and inspire other communities to take similar steps towards sustainability”.

Revised Membership Criteria:

In response to evolving environmental challenges and regulatory changes, PFN has expanded its membership criteria beyond initial priority items. The revised criteria now include:

1. Eliminate Target Item – single-use plastic water bottles

2. Eliminate Target Item – takeaway coffee cups and lids

3. Recycle common waste and redeem with Containers for Change

4. Accept reusable foodware and drinkware

5. Source wholesale products in plastic-free or sustainable packaging

6. Compost organics

7. Use and provide refillable amenities

Businesses that meet at least 2 out of these 7 criteria are eligible for membership, with those achieving 5 out of 7 recognised as Plastic-Free Champions.

Impact and achievements:

Since its inception in 2018 as part of the 'plastic-free places' program by Boomerang Alliance, PFN has been instrumental in eliminating single-use plastics and fostering a culture of sustainability in Noosa.

• The initiative provides free business consultations, support, and resources, empowering businesses to adopt sustainable alternatives and reduce environmental impact.

• 191 local businesses have joined PFN, including 72 recognised as Plastic-Free Champions.

• Over 17 million pieces of single-use plastic have been eliminated since 2018, including 87,268 single-use plastic bottles.

• Recent beach clean-ups in the Noosa region have removed 350kg of waste from local beaches, contributing crucial data to the Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI) for broader environmental solutions.

Join the movement:

Businesses, suppliers, and individuals interested in joining PFN's efforts can visit or follow @plasticfreenoosa on social media.

PFN also invites corporate groups and schools to participate in their Tread Lightly program, fostering community engagement through clean-up events and environmental education.

"As we continue to expand our impact, we encourage businesses and individuals alike to join us in creating a cleaner, more sustainable Noosa," said Jen Sharpe, Plastic Free Noosa Manager.

For more information about Plastic Free Noosa and its initiatives, visit

Plastic Free Noosa is run and coordinated by Tourism Noosa on behalf of Noosa Council.