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Hop Valley H2O

Receive 10% OFF the New Calorie Free Hop Seltzer

Offer valid 30/05/2022 - 30/09/2022

A uniquely refreshing hop infused seltzer that contains zero sugar, zero alcohol & zero calories. The perfect lifestyle beverage for any occasion. Australian Owned & Proudly Independent. Use the code 'NOOSABH' when you purchase online and get 10% OFF!

Discover the uniquely refreshing, hop-infused seltzer containing zero sugar, zero alcohol and is entirely calorie-free! How does it taste SO good? Hops are a flower primarily used in beer, impacting the floral, fruity or citrus flavours and aromas! Brewed with hops alone, this refreshing beverage can be enjoyed at all times and by all ages. It also makes a fantastic mixer if it's that time of day...

Hop Valley H2O is an Australian first carefully crafter by the team at Heads of Noosa! Order your Hop Valley Water online or head to the Heads of Noosa Taproom located in the heart of the industrial estate of Noosaville. The Heads of Noosa Taproom is the perfect place to sit back and relax where you can enjoy the tasty Hop Water whilst indulging in the best of the seasonal menu. To discover more about Heads of Noosa click here.

Why we love it

  1. Zero calories, zero sugar and zero alcohol
  2. The perfect lifestyle drink for everyone to enjoy
  3. Uniquely refreshing drink
  4. Delicious on its own or mixed with alcohol
  5. 100% Australian owned, carefully crafted by the team at Heads of Noosa