1. Eat & Drink

Pomona Distilling Co.

This small-batch boutique distillery specialises in artisan spirits made with a focus on quality, not quantity. They believe that some things are worth waiting for and Pomona Distilling Co. is one of those things.

Inspired by the Pomona Spirit – the hard-working farmers, the small business owners, the heritage and most importantly the community. The town of Pomona is aptly named after the Roman goddess of fruitful abundance, and just as Pomona did, Pomona Distilling Co. wants to provide for their town and showcase all that comes from within the region. They are the drink to share with friends, the cause for celebration, the place to meet, the space for creative expression and the sense of pride amongst our town in the Noosa hinterland.


  1. Located at the foot of Mount Cooroora in Pomona.
  2. Tasty cocktails made from fresh, local ingredients.
  3. Choose from a tasting paddle, cocktails or a G&T.
  4. Their gins are made to share and celebrate!
  5. Purchase your favourite to enjoy at home.